Living in New York.

Wanderlust doesn’t begin to describe this feeling inside of me, this insatiable need to see all and be all and breathe that east coast air straight into my lungs. Here I begin what is quite possibly the most terrifyingly incredible event of my life - college, and college in New York City at that.
As I search my mind, I can’t imagine a place that I’d rather make my temporary home. I’ve heard again and again about that New York City exhilaration, that heady rush of people and food and endlessly spinning activity. I’ve heard again and again to pack up and move there in your young twenties, to go out and live in the city that never sleeps. And here I am: but I fear my life cradled in the arms of Manhattan will be four years and gone. When else can I live in the heart of it all and actually afford the roof above my head? Maybe no other time but the present, so I will cherish it for everything I can.
[I really want to start a photography, video, and text blog come September about my adventures in the city - I’m planning on writing about my week and the places I went and the restaurants I ate at, etc etc. I’m really excited about that. And obviously, as you can tell, nothing thrills me more than the thought of the next four years!!! Thanks for reading my little creative writing-y blurb.]

The scent you wear moves in lines from your apartment into mine.
You act like you don’t know me - my God, you tempt my anxious mind.
― 1957, Milo Green